Our Platform

I believe that campaigns are ultimately built on ideas - not just those of the candidate, but of our team and the community itself. 

Throughout my experiences in Ward 21, I have listened carefully to perspectives and experiences of those in the community, and I believe we need a councillor who:

  • Promotes greater social justice; 
  • Pushes City Hall to think for the long-term;
  • Brings new conviction to the efforts to make our roads safer; and who
  • Supports and challenges the new waves of innovators redefining our city.

While we look forward to sharing our ideas on how we will achieve these goals, we are even more excited to hear and learn from you.


By almost any economic metric, Toronto is doing well: the city is growing, it is attracting world-class talent, and has a reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship that is gaining global recognition. 

Yet despite these successes, too many in our city do not share in the benefits; income inequality continues to climb, and we encounter reminders of this gap daily. As councillor, I will be committed to ensuring that all members of our community are treated justly and fairly, whether that is by addressing our homelessness and affordability crisis, supporting continued police reform, helping the important work of the city's harm reduction programs, or otherwise championing causes of others in need.


There is an old saying that "Toronto will be great when it is finished" - but we cannot wait that long. City Hall may have many grand plans on paper, but they often delay or avoid altogether making the tough decisions required to support Toronto's future growth. As one of the city's hotbeds of growth, this lack of leadership will have many repercussions for Ward 21.

Recognizing that 40% of Toronto is under 30 years old, as councillor, I will focus on the long-term city building initiatives we need to support these future generations. From helping to accelerate the Downtown Relief Line, to increasing the capacity of the planning department, I will work to ensure Ward 21 has a strong foundation upon which to build.


It is clear that despite the City's investment in its Vision Zero program - the City's action plan focused on reducing traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on Toronto’s streets -deaths and injuries have continued unabated. In Ward 21 alone, over 70 people have been killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents over the past 10 years, and that doesn't include minor injuries or near misses. Something must change.

As councillor, I will advocate for greater use of the techniques we know work: reductions in speed limits, changes in road designs to encourage safety and accessibility, and better enforcement of existing laws. Furthermore, I will advocate for a renewed Vision Zero program to develop strategies specifically targeting the populations who are statistically most at-risk from traffic incidents.


For years, I have worked in the private sector helping companies "crack the innovation code" in ways we are seeing in Ward 21 and across Toronto. But while major initiatives like the Sidewalk Labs Quayside project generate enormous enthusiasm, they raise concerns, notably around data privacy, accessibility, and deepening inequality.

As councillor, I will work to support these important innovation efforts, but ensure they utilize approaches that have worked in the private sector on public projects.


For more information, be sure to check out our blog. We will be updating it regularly with our thoughts on the key issues in this campaign and what we learn as we continue to engage with the community over the coming months!