Meet Will

My name is Will Meneray. I was born in Hamilton, raised in Brampton, and have lived and worked here in the great city of Toronto ever since graduation. I chose to move here with my wife, Meghan, and our cat, Luna, because ever since I was a kid growing up in the suburbs, I was drawn to the vibrancy, diversity and excitement of Toronto. I feel strongly that one of the areas of the city that exemplifies this the most is Ward 21.

For my entire professional career, I’ve worked as a consultant, helping some of the world’s largest companies solve their most complicated and important problems. It’s given me the skills to be a problem-solver that I know will be needed at City Hall. Much like the problems that face an organization, I know that the issues facing the Ward cannot be solved by knowledge alone. It requires a combination of perseverance, patience, and a willingness to listen carefully to the hopes and needs of others - just like I’ve done with my clients. I know this approach will bring Ward 21 the success it needs to move through the exciting phase that it’s in.

The problem is - in this crucial period for the Ward and for the city of Toronto itself - there aren’t a lot of people standing up for the problems that people like you and me are facing day-to-day. I love this community, and through my work with organizations such as the Moss Park arena and various charitable organizations, I can see that a gap needs to be filled. I firmly believe that the gap should be filled by someone young, energetic, committed to the community, its diversity and history, and who is prepared to lead it through the exciting but challenging phase it’s about to enter into. That’s why I’m stepping forward to run for Councillor of Ward 21!


Will Meneray

City Councillor Candidate, Ward 21